Diare Dermatology


BOTOX is a neuromodulator used to prevent wrinkle formation or soften them. See if any treatment below is right for you.

No Surprises

Botox is used to treat muscles on your forehead to help with wrinkles that are activated when you are surprised. Raise your eyebrows to see if this may be a treatment for you.

Anger Management

No one likes looking angry but sometimes we can’t help it. Botox is used to help soften or prevent wrinkles which are formed in the middle of your eyebrows. Make an angry face to see if this may be a treatment for you.


Also known as the liquid brow lift, Botox is used at the tail end of your brow to give it a little pop upwards. This helps to accentuate your eyes and creates a nice arch.


If you want the appearance of volumized lips without the use of fillers or the “duck look” LippiPOP is a great solution. By using Botox, this helps accentuate your natural lips in order to keep them guessing.

The Snob

Being snobby isn’t a negative thing when it comes down to Botox. This procedure helps the droopy tip of your nose turn up to balance your face when smiling. Disclaimer: Does not turn you into an actual snob.


A simple fix for a dimpled chin. Pull both lips up to the tip of your nose, using your facial muscles only. Look down at your chin to see if any dimpling occurs. As you age these dimples can become more prominent. Botox can help soften or prevent these dimples.


Smile a little and look at the outside corner of your eyes for wrinkles. This is commonly known as crow’s feet. Using Botox in this area can help decrease the wrinkles formed by the muscle.


The procedure involves the reduction or softening of “bunny” lines by using Botox. Smile and crinkle your nose at the same time, if you see wrinkles near the top, this procedure may be right for you.


Say Cheese and Smile. If more of your gums are showing at the top, this procedure uses Botox to slightly drop the lip to cover up and blast away that Gummy Smile.

The Botox Necklace

This procedure targets neck bands, which may be prominent when saying “can’t” slowly using neck muscles. Botox is placed around these neck bands to decrease their appearance.


Per Area : $200.00.

Touch ups are free on two-week follow-ups. If two- week follow- up is missed client must pay $13.50 per unit fee.

Any area requiring less than 10 units of Botox will be charged a $13.50 per unit fee. Touch Ups are not free.

The Botox Necklace is excluded, pricing will be given on consultation.